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Your preferred Swimming Pool Renovator in Gauteng

Each swimming pool carries with it, its own unique features and challenges that derive from different external elements. No pool is the same as the one down the road, aside from the basics, and that's what make pools so fascinating to work with. Every swimming pool will require, at some point, a repair, a renovation or an upgrade of some sort which is exactly what we are specialized in. 


At Gauteng Pool Renovators, our mission is to deliver a valuable final product which does not consist of just handling a pool symptom but rather to provide optimum solutions that are long term, making the investment in your pool completely worthwhile.


With careful attention to detail on the swimming pool interior,  we extend our focus to the exterior swimming pool surounds as well, taking into consideration the various effects that will ultimately have an overall affect on your swimming pool a few years from now.


We exercise a preventative attitude towards our swimming pool inspections and would always propose the ultimate solution for your swimming pool. Stating this, there are aspects that can flunk a pool renovation from high water tables to trapped water underground due to insufficient drainage, or negative pressure also known as lateral damp or flooding that can create various issues that will only present itself when it's too late. Our inspections prior to qouting covers a majority of the possible issues that could come along.


Our Swimming pool materials that we utilize with our swimming pool renovations, swimming pool repairs and upgrades are either SABS approved products or consist of products which has proven to outlast the swimming pool guarantees we issue.


Our goal is to make your swimming pool experience as pleasurable as possible and when you make the decision to invest in your swimming pool a masterpiece is presented each time with longevity as part of the final product. 


Combined between the owners and staff of Gauteng Pool Renovators our swimming pool experience and knowledge base on swimming pool stretches just over a century, with study materials which dates back to the early 1980's, that we use to conduct our swimming pool inspections and proposals on new swimming pools and swimming renovations, making us your number one swimming pool contractor to execute your swimming pool project with a no half measures approach in what we do and how we do it.